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Surrounding tourism

  • 【Surrounding tourist map】

    • 【Surrounding tourist map】

  • 【Beach】

    • Yasea Park

      Why do not you experience sea contact with sea kayaking, access tinggies etc?

      Ministry of the Environment beautiful beach with beautiful waterside, which was also chosen as the "Ministry of the Environment of the Ministry of the Environment's"100 selected Beach".It's barrier-free and you can get on a sandy beach with a wheelchair.(5 minutes by car)
      ●Pickups are also available from the hotel.※Excluding the busy season (reservation required)
  • 【Tourist facilities】

    • Konan City Cycling Terminal Shioya Juku

      There are lots of various bicycle rentals including two-seater ride.Both couples and families start a nice cycling here.
      Besides bicycle rental, there is also a tennis court.
    • Kochi Castle

      Kochi Castle・Tenshu and Kaitokukan (Honmaru Goten), 15 buildings under Otemon are designated as National Important cultural property of the National Important cultural property.
      Tenshu is a gazebo type of 18.5m high, three floors and six floors, with a roof-embedded sashimi main building, and was built in 1603 (Keicho 8 years) by Kazutoyo Yamauchi, but it disappeared once due to the great fire of the castle town. After that, it was rebuilt in 1749 (2nd year of relaxation), and it tells the breath of the time now.
    • Sunday Market

      Edo period street city that has been around for 300 years since the Edo period. A street city that is held every Sunday with a track length of approximately 1 km from Kochi Castle's Otemon to Harimaya town's train street. Approximately 500 shops line up, offering citizens plenty of products such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, planting days, sundry goods and sundries.

    • Katsurahama

      One of the scenic spots representing Kochi Prefecture.Urado Bay mouth, Ryuzu[Ryuzu]A stunning landscape where the greenery of the pine trees and the five small colored gravels of the beach, and the blue ocean harmonize harmoniously like an alcove, on the arch that stretches between the nephew and the Ryuo Cape. It is famous as an attraction of the moon since ancient times.
      At the east end of the Ryuzu Cape, a bronze statue of Sakamoto Ryoma Ryuzu Cape at the end of the Bakumatsu overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The seaside area is "Katsurahama Park", and there is also an aquarium, and the "Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum" in Yamate.

    • Makino Botanical Garden

      The park was opened in Gotaiyama, Kochi City in 1958 to honor the achievements of the botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino from Kochi Prefecture. In the garden of about 6 hectares, you can enjoy 3000 species each season including plants in southwestern Japan and plants related to doctor.Also a must see the greenhouse like a jungle with unusual tropical plants and exhibits introducing Dr.'s achievements and charm.After sprinkling inside the park, please spend a peaceful time with restaurants and cafes surrounded by greenery.

    • Nishijima Horticultural Park

      Tropical Nursery's house is one step ahead, the tropical flowers are blooming, including Bougainvillea, and some seasons are producing fruits.Enjoy watermelon, melon, pancake with plenty of fruits, etc. surrounded by flowers.Picking and selling of rich fruit tomatoes with high sugar content by all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat strawberry hunting by growing on shelf and special cultivation method is also very popular.

    • Anpanman Museum

      Opened in July 1996.Manga artist Takashi Yanase Memorial born Kahoku Town Anpanman a 4th floor “Takashi Yanase Gallery” displaying Anpanman's original picture books and tableaus, and a basement “Anpanman World” that reproduces the world where Anpanman lives in a diorama.

    • Ryuga Cave

      You can experience a fantastic and mysterious world in a typical tourist cave in Japan.
      There is a trace of the Yayoi Time Period cave living life near the exit in the cave, especially Yayoi Pottery wrapped in limestone is rare in the world.
      In addition, the adventure course is open recently can go crawling along a narrow road, climb the ladder of Maruki, etc. and experience in the darkest darkness.(Advance reservation required)
    • Noichi Animal Park

      About 110 kinds of 1,000 animals live idly in the park composed of temperate forest, tropical forest, Africa Australia zone, and jungle museum.Popular animals such as giraffe, red panda and penguin, as well as unique birds full of presence and cute mini corerequi are very popular.

    • Ekingura

      Painter, Kinzo was active in the Edo period Tosa, museum called "Ekin".Konan City collection and exhibition mainly focuses on 23 playing screens of paintings transferred to Akaokacho in Konan City.We introduce festival culture decorating paintings and Tosa's play painting screens with unique exhibition methods such as an exhibition room that reproduces the atmosphere of the night of the summer festival and the ability to peek through the real play theatrical folding screen from the hole of the wall.

    • Kitagawamura Vikllage"Monet Garden"Marmottan

      Recreate the garden that Impressionist great master Claude Monet created for painting in Giverny in France in the nature of Kochi. Approximately 100,000 square flowers are planted on the site of approximately 30,000 square meters, and you can enjoy various beautiful scenery every season.You can love the blue water lilies Monet dreamed of from late June to late October every year.

    • Muroto Global Geopark

      Muroto City Area Muroto Geo Park, which covers the Muroto City Area of Muroto City Area, is a "earth park" where you can enjoy the whole planet, including Muroto's history and culture, which has protected and utilized diverse ecosystems as well as geological heritage, which is also called the world's top class .
      I realize the dynamic movement of the earth that is still undergoing dynamic change from the Cretaceous period to the Edo Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago, striking the blessings of the earth's blessing of seamounts with tongues, and a series of Kukai related spots and white walls Why don't you leave for a trip around a deep city?

    • Muroto Dolphines Center

      Muroto Cape Shin Port Dolphin Center, located in the Muroto Cape Shin Port of Muroto Cape Shin Port, offers a variety of popular programs such as the “Trainer Experience” that provides food to dolphins and provides signs to communicate with dolphins, so you can ultimately swim with dolphins There are "dolphin swim" and so on.

    • Art Aquarium Exhibition-Kochi / Goldfish Sea-

      Finally Shikoku's first appearance! It will be held in Kochi, the hometown of Tosa Nishikiyo, which is also a trademark of Art Aquarium!

      A representative work of Art AQUARIUM, in which about 1,000 goldfish swim. "Oiran』
      The size of the giant gold fish pot is 2.4m in height and 2m in maximum diameter, which expresses the Yukaku of Edo.
      Not to mention the elegant swimming of Tosa Nishikiyo, including the "Taisei Hokan Goldfish Folding Screen" named after Sakamoto Ryoma.
      There are many popular masterpieces such as Oiran and Ooku.

      Date held
      December 19, 2020 (Saturday) -March 7, 2021(Sunday)
      [Weekdays]From 11:00 to 20:00
      [Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays]From 10:00 to 20:00
      ※Last admission 19:30
      ◎ For admission, we will implement measures against new coronavirus infections.

      Otepia West Site Kochi City Otesuji
  • 【Shikoku eighty-eight places】

    • 28th temple Dainichi Temple

      Retractor increments the Dainichi Nyorai Gyoki of Buddha by the imperial prayer of Emperor Shomu, then Kobo Daishi is Chinami to the fair 28 days of the Buddha, is said to have set out in 28th temple In the Edo period it flourished as a prayer offices of Tosa Clan, but by haibutsu kishaku of Meiji become Heidi, was revived in Meiji (1884).
  • 【Golf course】

    • Kochi Kuroshio Country Club

      CASIO World Open Golf Tournament is held in November every year.The domestic and foreign top players contend with the traditional golf tournament that will continue since 1981.

      All 36 holes.Japan Golf Tour Organization official recognition course.
      Having a vast fairway, it has a high strategic course.
      There is no hole where a pin flag can not be seen from a wide fairway and teen ground.

      About 10 minutes by car from the Umibe no Kajuen
    • Tosa Country Club

      The Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament Women's Professional Golf Tounament, PRGR ( Progia ) lady's Cup is held.

      All 36 holes.Ashizuri Cape, relatively flat, in a hilly area overlooking Muroto Cape Pass. You can enjoy wonderful downhill toward the Pacific Ocean, strategic launch, valley crossing, dock leg and changing play.

      About 5 minutes by car from the Umibe no Kajuen