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  2. Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

  • Request for cooperation and cooperation of the hotel to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

    ■About visit
    ·If you have a fever or mild symptoms such as cough, sore throat, malaise, please contact us.
    ·Please wear a mask
    ·When visiting the facility or using each facility, please help disinfect your fingers.
    ·When entering the building, please cooperate with the temperature measurement.

    ■To guests
    【At check-in/check-out】
    ·Please fill in the physical condition check sheet upon check-in
    ·Acrylic boards are installed on the front counter to prevent splash infection.
    ·If there is congestion during check-in and check-out, please wait at an interval in the lobby and proceed in order.

    【About cleaning in this facility】
    ·The guest room is cleaned with a disinfectant.
    ·Objects and places that many people frequently contact, such as elevators, are wiped and disinfected regularly with a disinfectant.
    ·In order to ventilate common spaces in this facility, we are opening windows and doors, and taking measures to introduce outside air using air conditioning equipment.

    【Kurhaus(Bathhouse, pool, sauna, outdoor bath Jacuzzi)】
    ·Sauna business is closed
    ·There may be restrictions on the number of people used during times of congestion

    【About the restaurant(Dinner/Breakfast)】
    ·Please disinfect your hands when entering the store
    ·Please wear a mask until the meal starts
    ·We ventilate regularly
    ·We will clean and disinfect the table after meals before showing the next customer.

    <About buffet>
    ·Please disinfect your hands when entering the store
    ·Please wear a mask until the meal starts
    ·The tables will be placed at intervals
    ·Please wear a mask and gloves when cooking.
    ·We regularly replace tongs
    ·We ventilate regularly
    ·We have tongs for individual customers

    ~During your stay~
    ·Please wear a mask, wash your hands and disinfect your hands in public spaces.

    ■Staff efforts
    ·We will wear a mask and serve customers
    ·If you feel unwell, we will refrain from coming to work.
    ·Thorough hand disinfection