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Selected material of the Umibe no Kajuen

  • 【Seasonal fruits taken at Orchard】

    Umibe no Kajuen"Orchard", we grow various fruits every season.
    I use the harvested fruits for my dish.Please enjoy safe and seasonal fruits.

    January… Kampo
    April Small summer
    June… Peaches, Sumomo, Yamamomo
    July and August ... A watermelon
    September… figs
    October… Purple potato
    November… persimmon
    December… Bunshin, Ponkan
  • 【Passion for freshly baked】

    Tataki at the Resort Hotel Orchard will start baking after all customers are visited.
    Baked with straw, fragrant, batting of authentic bonito.
    The beat that you cut luxuriously a little thick, shines glitter and looks delicious.It is a gem that can only be eaten in Kochi, with both salt beating and ponzu-tapping.
  • 【Tanboyasan no Okome】

    Tanboya who is making rice of passion Nankoku City Kochi Prefecture .
    Dirt making Rice that sticks to making fertilizer, delicious rice.