Ocean View Resort Hotel in Kochi with Orchard and Confectionery Factory
Resort hotel Umibeno kajuen

【Official】Resort hotel Umibeno kajuen


  • Regarding business after June

    Dear customers

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Resort hotel Umibeno kajuen.
    Due to an emergency declaration due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are temporarily closed.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to all of you, but we will resume operations from June 1st (Monday) after the cancellation of the emergency declaration.
    I decided.
    When resuming business, we will take thorough measures to prevent infection at this facility, and will be able to use it with peace of mind while cooperating with customers to prevent infection.
    I will do my best.
    Please understand.


  • About infectious disease preventive measures against new coronavirus

    ≪Request for cooperation to customers≫

    ·If you have a fever or have mild symptoms such as cough, sore throat, malaise, please contact us.
    ·Please disinfect your fingers when entering the hotel
    ·When using the restaurant, please disinfect your fingers when entering the store and wear a mask until the start of meals.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience to our customers, but we will do our best to make your stay at this facility safe.
    Please understand.


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Hotel Name

Resort hotel Umibeno kajuen


506-1 Teiyama, Yasu Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Telephone number



35 minutes to Aki from R55 Kochi Expressway Nankoku IC from Kochi Expressway Nankoku IC. Mid point between Kochi City and Muroto Cape.

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up from your nearest Gomennaharisen Yasu Station.
Please contact us in advance.
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beer garden

  • Ethnic barbecue beer garden by the open pool!

    The concept of this year's beer garden"ethnic』
    We prepare a variety plan for those who want to eat various dishes and pork spare ribs and chicken ethnic barbecue with spices.
    Enjoy the feeling of a resort while feeling the natural breeze at the open-air poolside!

    Period:September 13Until (Sunday) (Exclusion date ... 7/23 to 25,8/8 to 15,Special day)
    time:From 17:30 to 21:00
    Content / Price:
    Ethnic barbecue plan 3,000 yen, 4,000 yen
    Variety plan 4,000 yen, 5,000 yen
    All-you-can-drink (2 hours) 800 yen (500 yen for all you can drink soft drinks)


  • Resort garden wedding

    With the sun shining, with the Pacific back
    In the open atmosphere of the resort hotel,
    Moment that Irreplace spend with important guests.
    The resort garden wedding perfect for two wanting to be a natural wedding.

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